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Our Values

Natural Processes

We are proud to use The Swiss water decaf method! Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee, most of this is Arabica. The Swiss water decaf process, removes the caffeine via soaking, water extraction and carbon filters. The idea is to reduce loss of organic materials which add to aromatic, taste and flavour profiles created during roasting, without using… Read More »Natural Processes

Giving Back

Collaborating with Luker, a company working across Columbia with cacao farmers, the cacao supplied by the farmers is then vigorously tested using a high standard quality check.The cacao beans are then taken to Luker’s facility in Bogota where they are processed into various chocolate products, ours being chocolate couverture or high quality chocolate buttons. They then get sent off to… Read More »Giving Back


For every bag of coffee sold, we plant a tree. We believe that as we grow and achieve success, we should give back. Far too many companies are not taking action against climate change and heading towards being carbon neutral. We are proud to have our values and what we stand for at Sollie Box.